Thanks for visiting my official website. 
Honestly i'm not sure what to say here. It's never easy to talk about myself... I used to be a Pornstar & Model. Tho some would argue "once a Pornstar, always a pornstar" since content never really goes away. A fact that I'm sure my fans are more than grateful for 😍 

I've worked for Playboy, Hustler, Wicked, HBO and more...  but that doesn't mean I'm your typical blonde hair, blue-eyed barbie. I'm well-educated, world-traveled, friendly, and what yo
u'd call a natural-born optimist. I'm still a true California girl at heart tho... but with a bit more compassion & integrity than your typical hollywood type. 

These days I spend my time as a proud doggy mama. I spend time at the beach and working on some new personal projects... tho not explicitly adult they are projects you'd definitely be interested in. Make sure you add yourself to my email list for updates and special bonuses made only for my subscribers!  So, let's stay in touch!!! 

         Ashley Steel